How it works

We have different types of art which are listed in  the shop and you need to choose your favourite and order it


On the 30nth second

Please provide the link on the order page of the photo which wants to be drawn and also comment to it

The price of the art depends upon, type, size and the number of character in the art 

As soon as you order placed we start sketching according to your requirement


After  60 minutes 



we never share your photo and art to anywhere or to anyone and anytime,and we never showcase it

The ordered artwork will send to you for the correction or suggestion on the art 


At the 5th day

The preview art image will be mailed and WhatsApp to your registered mobile and mail and you need to approve to ship or to correct 

After your approval in the review step, your order will be shipped to you 

Your order usually took 10-15days to reach you from the date of order placement


Posted on the 7th day